The Gambit System

Since the launch of our Kickstarter we’ve been getting some great questions about the mechanic of Crucible. We hope that this post answers at least some of them!

The mechanic for Crucible is a new system created by our developers, called the Gambit System.

Endeavours are the Gambit System’s method for acting on the world or reacting to it. There are no specific skills for characters: instead, Endeavours represent the potential capabilities of any being in the world of Crucible.

Endeavours are divided into Body, Mind and Spirit. Each of these contains aspects we call Force, Finesse, Flow and Fortitude. This gives characters twelve Endeavours, each designed to be equally important as you play through a session or a campaign of Crucible.

Body Endeavours relate to a character’s physical actions, Mind to mental actions and Spirit to actions relating to the soul, which in Crucible covers social interaction.

Force and Finesse are the active fields; they are the character imposing themselves on the world in some manner. The reactive fields are Flow and Fortitude; Flow is adapting to changes where Fortitude is resisting directly.

Body Force is about solving problems with your muscles; from opening a jar, to lifting weights or swinging a heavy weapon. Mind Force is raw concentration and Spirit Force is naked charisma.

 Body Finesse is about precision, while Mind Finesse is about finding things you search for, or using materials at hand to improvise. Spirit Finesse is manipulation and subtle presentations.

Body Flow is nimbleness and Mind Flow is quick wits. Spirit Flow helps you glide through social situations, and come back with slick retorts.

Body Fortitude is your ability to cope with physical dangers. Mind Fortitude includes recall of memory, and Spirit Fortitude is your ability to cope with stress.

Twelve silver coins, half heads up, half tails up

For each of the twelve Endeavours a character will have a pool between 2 and 12, meaning a player will be throwing between 2 and 12 coins on any given throw (To find out more about the coins of Crucible, see our earlier post).

For example, take the Drake poet, Brasstongue. Known far and wide for her ability to move even the largest and most boisterous crowds, Brasstongue employs her bold charms to obtain some free drinks. With her Spirit Finesse pool of 7 Brasstongue could throw 7 coins to manipulate the bartender quietly for a private discount, but her Spirit Force pool of 12 makes the direct approach more likely to succeed.

Brasstongue’s player gathers up 12 denomination 1 coins from their Hoard, shakes them in both hands and throws them onto the table: 5 of the coins come up heads and 7 show their Tale-side, for a total success of 5. The GM had already determined the Threshold was 3, so although it was far from her greatest performance, the patrons nearest the bar are nonetheless whipped up into a frenzy of cheers and within moments the Drake poet is drinking on the house.

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