A profile image of a brown and tan Drake, smilingIt is a truth universally acknowledged that a fantasy roleplaying game is in need of dragon people. So rather than try and buck this laudable trend, we bring you the Drake.

A passionate, raucous and intense people, Drake live life in the moment. The fire in their blood drives them ever forward, and they consume food, wine, culture, company and new experiences with equal voracity.

They swear oaths at the drop of a hat, pledging themselves to new friends or setting themselves great quests on a whim. They mark these decrees with ornate brands so the world will know they are serious, and when the task is complete they shed the skin that bore the brand, leaving them free to start again.

Drake are brightly coloured and patterned, and average about 7’ tall. The appearance of individuals is highly variable, and members of one family can sport a wide array of wattles, crests, horns and scales. Many Drake have wings, although few can actually fly. And as much as it may feel like it to those who earn their wrath, Drake do not generally breathe fire (that said, strong spirits and a candle make for a great party trick).

They complement their bright scales with colourful clothing and jewellery – the richer the better – and enjoy adopting and adapting the traditional dress of other species. Nearly every Drake has a collection of valuable personal, often shiny, objects. They fiercely protect and add to this trove, although equally they can lose all interest once they have shed their scales, and abandon it to start collecting something new.


While individual Drake may be found all over Crucible, most move in great caravan-cities called Firefronts. Although nomadic, the Firefronts are by no means uncivilised: when they stop for a night or a week, a city springs up, complete with shops, music halls, taverns and libraries. Within the Firefronts are numerous moieties, tribes and other groups. A bewildering complexity of social inter-relationships govern their society and it is best to leave them to it since it can all change overnight.

Some Drake prefer a more settled life, choosing to live in large and vibrant cities where novelty is common. Where Firefront Drake dwell in luxurious silk tents, city-dwelling Drake will beautify their homes with paints, renders and other colourful decor that they change often.

Because of their penchant for excitement, danger and challenge, Drake have the strongest warrior culture of the species of Crucible. Among their number they count some of the world’s most victorious generals, respected mercenaries and inspiring crusaders. Of those who do not choose a warrior’s life, Firefront Drake tend to make their livings as entertainers, storytellers and carriers of news and current events, while City Drake are often artisans, and make some of the most beautiful jewellery and fine metal-work.

The Cosm team firmly believes that Brian Blessed is a Drake in disguise.

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