Buying the game

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We have come together with Campaign Coins and DriveThruRPG to provide you with the easiest way to purchase your copy of Crucible.

The Game Guide

Crucible is a 225 page full colour tabletop roleplaying sourcebook, with everything you need to start a game in this unique world.

With 6 customisable and diverse species roles, dozens of tenets of morality and more than 80 unique supernatural powers, characters in Crucible can be and do almost anything you desire.

Download the PDF from Campaign Coins or DriveThruRPG today!

Official Crucible Coins

Crucible makes use of coins for its resolution system, and you can use small change from anywhere in the real world, or for extra immersion and story purchase the official Crucible Story Coins, from Campaign Coins.

A set of 95 beautiful custom designed coins, they represent both the common currency of the Settle, Crucible’s heartland, and the mystic tokens characters use to power their destiny.

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