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Our latest game: Crucible

Coin based

Let the coins decide your fate as they replace the traditional RPG dice.

Full-colour guide

Enjoy the wonderful artworks and machinations that bring Crucible to life.

Funded through kickstarter

Minting coins and printing books thanks to the amazing support and patience of our backers.

Make your way in a new world

The Crucible is a vast bowl suspended in the luminiferous aether, created by the six Primes – Fire, Air, Water, Earth, Fate and Flux – as a vessel for bringing sentient beings to Enlightenment through a carefully-tended system based around moral choices.

But the system is broken… Will you challenge the status quo in Crucible or further its corruption?


Species to choose from


Moral tenets to challenge


Ancient legacies to discover

Crucible production update

The coins are being minted

We have play-tested with the special edition coins and ordered them en-mass for distribution.

The book is being printed

The book publication run is currently scheduled and we are awaiting our first delivery of stock for distribution.
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