The coins of Crucible

coins2The world and system of Crucible is based around concepts of philosophical alchemy, metallurgy and numismatics. We wanted to represent this physically as well as in the text and images of the game, which is why in our system players throw handfuls of coins rather than rolling dice to determine outcomes.

If you’ve got a bit of pocket change lying around, grab a dozen coins and shake them in your hands the way you would a bunch of dice. When you’re ready, cast the coins onto a table. Cool, huh? We fell in love with the clinking and tumbling of coins the first time we tried it, which is why we’re so excited to share our Gambit system with the world.

Coins offer a random chance, like dice, and the visual, auditory and tactile experience brings something to the gaming table that we think is really unique. To make the experience even more special, we’ve teamed up with the good folks at Campaign Coins to create a set of coins especially for Crucible.

campaigncoins_full_logo_colourCoins in Crucible aren’t just for mechanics, they’re also an integral part of the game world. In the halcyon era of Enlightenment, before Dross became a force to be reckoned with, powerful beings infused sacred tokens with the essence of the Primes. These reservoirs of energy allowed those journeying toward ascension to focus and extend their capacities, enchant relics, and boost their potential to superhuman or even godlike levels.

In the current era, the original use of these tokens has been largely forgotten. Many are marked with numbers on one side (some say by a hubris-fueled Human ruler, who dared to lay claim to all of the coins as their own) and used as currency, while others are regarded as curios.

For those invested with the potential for Enlightenment, however, their power is still very much in evidence. As characters adventure and progress toward their goals, the coins that form their Hoard literally fuel their journey toward refinement or depravity.

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