Human in leather armour, bearing a flashforged bladeAfter the Elemental Primes of Crucible adopted their chosen species, Fate abdicated its role as guide and overseer and took Humans as its own. Legends and myths to explain this are abundant: some say Humans earned Fate’s patronage through an inexorable commitment to the Fundament’s values; others suggest that Fate is fulfilling its part in a destiny even larger than the Crucible.

Whatever the case, Humans have weathered the ages and stand now as the solemn equals of the other peoples of Crucible.

All that Humans choose to do they do with purpose, spreading their legacy across the world in the form of vast cities, great monuments and sweeping legends.

The first Humans adopted by Fate became the Everglass Lineage. Its members were granted lifespans that far outstripped the norm, a trait that while inheritable has diminished over time. Rumours exist that the very first Human to know the touch of Fate still lives in secret.

Broze coin depicting the twin hourglass symbol of the Everglass lineage

Human cultures tend to be reflective and grim; more than any other species they see themselves in context with the past and future. To them it doesn’t seem strange to embark on a project that won’t be finished within their own or even their children’s lifespans.

In keeping with their general outlook, Humans tend toward practical, long-lasting clothing, and aren’t inclined toward rapid changes in fashion or fripperies. Heirlooms are common and important: almost all Humans have items of clothing or accessories handed down to them by their parents or other relatives. Many Humans will wear some symbol of their personal Fate, and tattoos and piercings that reflect this or the bearer’s history are also relatively common.

When we started thinking about the species of Crucible, we realised that we wanted to include humans, but were wary of them becoming generic ciphers. While biologically very similar to real-world humans, and with the same vast array of physical and cultural differences, the Humans of Crucible are in their own way as different to us as any Ïakshai or Kalatur.

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