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Greetings, dwellers of the Settle!

Our adventure, bringing the world of Crucible to life, has begun in earnest and we’ve been making steady progress over the past month since the finish of our Kickstarter. What adventure would be complete though, without that much-loved avenue for advancement and extra loot: The Side Quest! 

We’re excited to announce a series of events over the next few months that will let us interact more closely with our community, get to know you better and give you a chance to help us with the design process for the game.

Crucible is a celebration of diversity. These events will not only give you the opportunity to channel your creativity, but also express support and spread awareness of things that are important to you and the different communities you know of or come from. The vehicle of this expression will be NPCs that you help create and become part of the world setting, to be officially published in the Crucible Corebook!


Each Side Quest will be linked with real world events and themes. We’ll take inspiration from important days, months and festivals, that are significant to the different people of our world, like Human Rights Month, Chinese New Year, Holi, Eid, LGBTQIA+ Pride and International Women’s Day, to name a few.

What we’d love to see from all of you is promoting awareness of these by creating an NPC idea associated with that theme and then sharing it with us. We’ll set community goals to crack so that the opportunity for an NPC to arise from all this creative awesomeness can be unlocked.


The whirling maelstrom of the six primes can manifest the most unexpected creations. Have you the spiritual fortitude to coax something new from the ether? Come, drop a coin into the pool and make a wish.

Events will work based off a Wishing Well system, where you toss ‘coins’ into the Primal Pool and at the end of the event, one of those coins floats up to the surface to break through and realise the fruits of your imagination and social media smarts.  

Where can you get coins from? You will earn a coin for each social interaction you complete from the list below. You will then get a number of entries into the lucky draw for this event equal to the number of coins you earn.

Our first event will look at spreading awareness about Human Rights in any form that you feel needs more people talking about. Let’s use the example below to get an idea of how you’d structure your entry.

Interaction 1: Facebook

Post your character idea on our FB page and then share it with your friends. We need a name, the species and concept (occupation) of your NPC. If you want, you can even throw in some flavour text to describe them! If you have a real-life story that inspired your creation, please do share it with us and the rest of the Crucible community. Use #CrucibleRPG and #HumanRights in your posts so that we can track your creations for this event. 


NPC name: Tendril
Species: Akrasi
Concept: Woodweaver

Blurb: Tendril once lived a life of servitude, their skill at making wonderful creations with wood wasted on converting lumber into symmetrical logs for construction. Having stood up to their captor and won freedom, they now lead a peaceful life as a freelance interior designer. #CrucibleRPG #HumanRights

Inspiration: I’ve heard the story of a girl with a beautiful voice who was made to sing at busy pedestrian intersections with a begging bowl in front of her, so that the local slumlord would get a steady stream of income. <add link to story if you have any>

Interaction 2: Twitter

Tweet us @CosmGames using the following format:

@CosmGames #CrucibleRPG #HumanRights Tendril, Akrasi Woodweaver. <add link to your FB post or a link back to this post> 

If you do both Facebook and Twitter, you earn two coins that go into the Primal Pool. At the end of the event, if we’ve met our quest goal, we’ll collect all the coins, give them a shake and pick one to let you know which NPC made it through. Our design team will then take the bones of your idea and flesh it out so that it finds a comfy home in Crucible.


The quest goals for this event are 200 Shares on Facebook and 150 Tweets, both using our hashtags for the event.

We’ll run the event till the 18th of January 2016, so get your entries in before then!

Given that all of Crucible’s species have lovingly crafted backgrounds, we’ve included a list of hyperlinked species names below for you to copy and paste in your FB post, so that people who want to know more about your NPC can click on it for a description.


We’re really keen to see the wonderful ideas you bring to life.

For people who are interested in Crucible and want to help us out, we’d appreciate it if you follow us on social media, share our posts and spread awareness of the game and our support for diversity and inclusiveness.

For those kind souls who have offered to help us financially, we’ll have our Backerkit site up and running shortly. Keep an eye on this space! 

Have a great weekend folks, and looking forward to sharing your characters and stories on the interwebs.

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