What is Cosm Games?

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Cosm Games is a lifetime of gazing in awe at the creativity and vision spilled across the pages of our favourite books.

It is a group of gaming friends, each with our own passions, coming together because we’re inspired by each other’s ideas and want to share that with the world.

It’s a shout out to everything we’ve loved, the worlds we’ve visited and the adventures we’ve had across years of imagination. It is a hope to build on those experiences and offer something back, something new-from-the-old, that excites and provokes thought.

It is a chance to present things in our own light, to add our voices to the growing representation of diversity in roleplaying games.

It is about standing with the people we admire, contributing to the community of indie game developers, and putting ourselves out there to learn.

It’s about having fun, at any scale.

We’re looking forward to bringing our first game into the world. We’re launching our Kickstarter in October, and hope you’ll join us for the ride.

One thought on “What is Cosm Games?

  1. Maureen Blake says:

    To all at COSM. What a fabulous introduction for Crucible – even to non RPG’s like us. We think this has a big future! Congratulations. John and Maureen

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